2012 DRAFT
Order Team
   1 4th&Goal
   2 Captain Obvious
   3 Ottawa Brats
   4 Tequila Cats26
   5 Jersey Giants
   6 Sea Falcons
   7 Titans
   8 Flying Dutchman
   9 Miami Fins
 10 Detroit Football Synd.
 11 JackPine Savages
 12 Packerfan




















              2011 CHAMPIONS

   Welcome to the 3rd season at fantrax for the Elite Fantasy League that has a webpage on the Internet sponsored by Webpage Creations.  In all total this is actually Season 7 of the league with the first 4 years being played at FOX Sports.

          With an overall structuring in the league scoring department in 2011 this became a more competitive league.  What will be new in 2012 is that no team will have a bye for the playoffs as the league's expanding from 6 to 8 teams making the playoffs for the final 3 weeks.  The 2 division winners will be rated #1 & #2 with 6 teams as wildcards by record and tiebreaker.  In week 15 #8 vs #1, #7 vs #2, #6 vs #3, and #5 vs #4 with the highest rated team meeting the lowest rated team in week #16.

          Two new team owners have joined replacing the owners from Miami Fins and Orc Rosario Loser with the Loser now called Captain Obvious.

          Other changes include increasing the InjRes from 2 to 4 to accommodate with the same number of keeper players.  The waiver claim time has been moved from 12 midnight to 12 noon EDT and also all free agents will go on waivers every Sunday .05 minutes before kickoff of the 1st game and be on waivers till 12 noon Tuesday. 

        The regular season schedule was created so that each team will play 6 out of division games or once against the 6 outerdivision opponents and 8 interdivision games or 2 times against 3 interdivision opponents and once against 2 interdivision opponents.  The fact that an interdivision game matchup may meet 2 times within 4 weeks is not an error.  This happens in the NFL.

        At fantrax the support software and their score keeper have what is called Stat Corrections that results in the changing of scores of games later in the week.  Because of this stat correction function, all scores on Tuesday must be treated as unofficial until the following Friday when the games become official.  Webpage Creations will await until Friday of each week to make their weekly story report for each league at fantrax. 

By Thecliff Chamber
Posted Jul 16, 2012 - 12:46 pm et