The Detroit Tigers were robbed by instant replay overturn of winning their first game of the season in the opener at Comerica Park in Detroit when in the bottom of 10th inning a single to left field scored the winning run as all Tiger players charged the field in celebration.  The Home Plate Umpire called Castellanos safe with the winning run as Detroit beat Pittsburgh Pirates 11 to 10 in a wild opening game for both teams in 2018.

WAIT A MINUTE!! The Pirates want to have a review of the play at Home Plate by the officials in New York that should take 30 seconds for review.  What the hell?  One, two, three, four minutes? why so long? all replays from angles by TV coverage at the game shows no definitive way that Castellanos was tagged out!!

The fans of Detroit sports again is screwed by instant replay or by officials who must have some kind of hatred toward Detroit.  No matter Lions, Tigers, Redwings or Pistons there is no breaks for Detroit Strong.

Thecliff Chamber, 3-31-18