When developing this website, it was named TheCliffChamber because I lived in an apartment that I named 'The Cliff Chamber.'  Over the past eight years, I have come a long ways in adding many features as Sports, Poker, Videos, to go with my writings and the writer link page.

     Often have thought that if one of my (5) novels in progress became published, I would be using my name Clifford P Wollum as author.  I would then have to either change to or build a new website going by

     Again, I have thought of using a pseudonym as author if my novels should be published.  In using a database feature on the Internet for author names, it came out for my name to be Clifford Crystal.  Of course in my mind, I see a pseudonym as Thecliff Chamber.

     Thecliff Chamber   Thecliff Chamber   Clifford Crystal   Clifford Crystal   Clifford P Wollum   Clifford P Wollum

     Wednesday, March 4, 2009