October 2007...Back in the groove, enrolled in another writing course and preparations being made for 'NaNoWriMo' in November...








July 1, 2009:  Received diploma from Long Ridge Writers Group on the completion of writing course dated July 29, 2009 to frame and add to my other accomplishments on the north wall of the Chamber office.

June 23, 2009:  Received the critique from Bill Pippin on assignment #8 and the completion of this school program Shape, Write, and Sell Your Novel.  I now have the basic tools needed to sell my novels.  When I started this course, I'll admit I was in the dark concerning this story of The Denial.  As I progressed into this course writing the first three chapters, I discovered that I do have a story to tell, even changing the title to Death by Denial.  Back in November 2008, I took this story to tell and worked out the first eight chapters at NaNoWriMo, write a 50,000 word novel in thirty days.  I only wrote 16,000 words and failed at the challenge, however, I began to clearly see where this story was to go.  Now it's up to me to write the first draft of this novel.

June 5, 2009:  Completed assignment #8 and sent it to Long Ridge Writer's Group and my mentor Bill Pippin.  After many, many drafts on chapter 1 I understand what Bill was telling me about the story must move forward.  The chapter finalized at 3,100 words and does lead into chapter 2 without using any part of the original chapter 2 in chapter 1.  Also completed worksheet to publisher, a query letter, and a synopsis of the whole potential novel.

May 5, 2009:  Notified Long Ridge Writer's Group for another extension on competing assignment #8 to now be due on May 20th.  I've worked chapter one to move forward with less back story and to blend into the original chapter two.  I love the progress and understand the comments and suggestions made by my mentor Bill Pippin.

March 20, 2009:  Notified Long Ridge Writer's Group for a one month extension on completing assignment #8 to be due April 20, 2009.  The third draft of chapter one could result in combining chapter one with chapter two to make the story move forward.

February 17, 2009:  The critique on assignment #7 did state that my writing has improved.  My mentor Bill Pippin brought out the lack of conflict in chapter one and the fact that it is important to hook the reader in continuing to read on.  In assignment #8, Bill Pippin would like another draft on chapter one.  Plus, I will present a synopsis, a cover letter, a brief query letter, and fill out a Publisher's Choice form.

I've completed reading The Complete Handbook of Novel Writing and will add this book to my library of writing research material that I've collected in the past ten years.

January 20, 2009:   Completed assignment #7 and mailed to Long Ridge Writer's school and mentor Bill Pippin.  Conducted many drafts of chapter 1.  In what I have learned, performing 2nd drafts on chapters 2, 3, 4, 5-9 (what I've written for NaNoWriMo 2008).

January 10, 2009:   Received back critique on assignment #6 from mentor Bill Pippin.  There's been much improvement in my story writing with chapter 3.  In the time I've waited for the return and the starting of assignment #7, I have re-wrote chapter 1 and 2 taking the feed back of my mentor and re-reading all text that has been suggested as well as going back to the first course I took with Long Ridge and re-reading text.  I have been engrossed in the  huge novel The Bear and the Dragon written by Tom Clancy.

December 8, 2008:  Completed assignment #6 with chapter #3 and sent to Long Ridge Writer's Group.

November 17, 2008:  Received back critique on assignment #5 from mentor Bill Pippin.  Must watch using weedy and hedging words in manuscript.  One of my downfalls is switching of POV confusing readers.  Overall acceptance of assignment #5.  Will now perform assignment #6 in writing of chapter 3 to my work in progress The Denial.  Plus a letter explaining reason for writing away from plot outline to the novel. 

October 16, 2008:  Completed assignment #5 and sent out to my mentor Bill Pippin for his critique.  A total of 2,728 words were used in chapter #2 of the proposed novel The Denial.  I am also in preparation of the upcoming NaNoWriMo challenge which starts November 1st and the work I plan to do is entitled Death By Denial.

October 1, 2008:  I have requested two extensions on completing chapter 2 and assignment #5 because of some health issues and financial difficulties.  However, I continue to do much reading including Jack London's Martin Eden and The People of the Abyss.

August 19, 2008:  I have been working on chapter 2 of the novel The Denial and must admit that as the deadline approaches I have struggled with writer's block.  I have, however, been active in much reading including finishing the book by Pearl Buck called The Good Earth.

July 15, 2008: My mentor, Bill Pippin returned my assignment #4 with his critique.  My starting point to chapter 1 lacked any type of conflict.  With his suggestions I shall rewrite chapter 1 to start with the conflict of my main character and her father, Chuck Woodson.  I can then fall back to all the circumstances that lead up to that conflict.  In rewriting chapter 1 I will just move sections around but keep the same basic thoughts and scenes in tack.

For assignment #5 I am to write chapter 2 of no more than 4,000 words. 

June 26, 2008: Sent out Assignment #4 Chapter 1 for critiques by mentor Bill Pippin.  I took much time in preparing this assignment because of many drafts and the reading of a book to do with Settings.  The main character is Carrie Woodson, 21, of Rock Hill, MI.

May 10, 2008:  Received back Assignment #3 with critiques from my mentor Bill Pippin.  Much work to be done in preparation of Assignment #4, chapter one.

April 9, 2008:  After many drafts on working Assignment #3 an outline of proposed novel entitled The Denial, I finished to send out five days late to my mentor Bill Pippin.  I performed much reading in the month of March with the main topic to be Outline.  Personally, I have never performed working with an outline in any of my writings.  I start with a character, a setting, and let the character write his story even if he/she has no storyline to follow.  I do believe in re-writing to make good with what I have written.  Having an outline, I now will further prepare for this new project (against Bill Pippin wishes) that is to be the first part of a trilogy that will be followed by Sobriety Fight and Vibes.

February 29, 2008:  Received a good critique on Assignment #2 from mentor Bill Pippin with character worksheet and character action scene.  Will now begin writing Assignment #3 to do with outline of novel.

February 8, 2008:  Completed Assignment #2 that included a character worksheet and a 500 word character action scene.  The main character is 22-year old Carrie Woodson, in the proposed novel entitled The Denial.

January 28, 2008:  Received back results of Assignment #1R from mentor Bill Pippin.  Will begin preparation of Assignment #2 that has to do with the worksheet of the main character in the proposed novel The Denial.

 December 28, 2007:  Read all material suggested by mentor Bill Pippin and re-submitted assignment #1R.  I also read the books On Writing by Stephen King and Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell.

November 27, 2007:  Received back results of Assignment #1 from mentor Bill Pippin.  My ideas for the start of a new novel were not approved because there was no plot to any story idea.  It was suggested to read assigned material to do with PLOT and to resubmit Assignment #1R.

October 29, 2007:  Completed assignment #1 of Shape, Write, and Sell Your Novel from Long Ridge Writers Group.

October 23, 2007: Finished part 1 of assignment #1 and received first installment of Shape, Write, and Sell Your Novel from Long Ridge Writers Group.

October 19, 2007:  Received part one of assignment #1 from Long Ridge Writers Group.

October 10, 2007:  Enrolled in a two year course with Long Ridge Writers Group on Shape, Write, and Sell your Novel.  My mentor will be Bill Pippin.