Writing Group at NaNoWriMo


Clifford P. Wollum
JUNE 1st...Brainstorming and thinking of vibrations of attraction.  A short story that I had wrote on love as an assignment.  Can I expand on that story, and write a novel?  The main character is Sten Wolf.  He has just left Milwaukee VAMC, after having heart surgery.  The story takes place at a restaurant outside Green Bay.  Why not make this be chapter one?

JUNE 2nd...The novel has begun at a restaurant outside Green Bay.  The main character, Sten Wolf has just left Madison after successful open heart surgery.  The name of this novel is Vibes Reunion.  Do you believe in love at first sight?  Sten meets this waitress at the restaurant.  Her name is Janet.

JUNE 3rd...The novel is to be 3rd person omniscient, knowing what each character senses?  The attraction of Sten and Janet on first meeting is revealed.

JUNE 4-6th...Into chapter 2.  Getting to know Sten.  Getting to know Janet.  What dark secret will be revealed of Janet in chapter 3?

JUNE 7 & 8...The addition of characters and sub-plots.  The plot is rather simple to start.  Sten wants Janet to start his new life after surgery.  But does Janet want Sten?  Sten is a friend of Bill W.  Janet seems to love her vodka.

JUNE 9-13th...Took my annual trip to Akron, Ohio.  I did much free writing with a pen and tablet gathering much info on scenery and local.  I am up to 4,500 words, having a goal set to do 10,000 for the month of June.

JUNE 14th... 4,890     JUNE 15th... 5,335     JUNE 16th... 5,725     JUNE 17th... 5,920   JUNE 18th... 6,011     JUNE 19th... 6,089     JUNE 20th-24th...trip to Madison, WI.  JUNE 25th... 6,534     JUNE 26th... 6,812     JUNE 27th... 6,966     JUNE 28th... 7,355 JUNE 29th... 7,625     JUNE 30th... 7,764

JULY 1st...This writer fell short on word count for the month of June.  Is the pressure on?  No, because a story line is visional in the writer's mind. Word count: 7,938  JULY 2nd-4th...8,719 JULY   5th.... 8,954      JULY   6th.... 9,374    JULY   7th.... 9,782  JULY  8th... 10,067     JULY   9th... 10,399     JULY 10th...10,605    JULY 11th...11,257 JULY 12th.. 11,347     JULY 13th... 12,074     JULY 14th...12,866    JULY 15th...13,292  JULY 16th----- It was here I stopped writing because of health issues.  Will resume when the time is right.   Clifford P. Wollum 7-16-05