As 2017 rolls in of what is now called Fantasy Webpage Creations with their own logo a continuance to expand with more leagues and more team owners as this administrator presents to over 130 team owners sponsored sport leagues in NASCAR, Baseball, Football, Hockey and Basketball.

     Thecliff Chamber 01/01/17

     Hobby?  something that one likes to do in one's spare time.  As administrator of Webpage Creations this was the full intention of creating WC for the added pleasure of presenting team owners the added features of a league webpage with updates to standings and game stories with pics.  Webpage Creations has improved over each year with even more added features and the results are that anyone can view the past results to each league that stays up on the Internet for years to come.

     As league manager/commish of sport leagues sponsored by Webpage Creations I only recommend that team owners take pride in their teams and remain active.  In the course of six years there are  many loyal team owners and a listing of 96 team owners that can receive an email from for the replacement of team owners (those that become inactive) that has become a simple procedure.

     A proud example is the new 16-team fantasy football league at ESPN for 2012 season that was filled and team owners acceptance within 72 hours.

     Thecliff Chamber 08/10/12