January 13, 2010:  As of today, my short story Blackout completed the 40-day cycle on the read and site page at Zoetrope with a total of 14 reads and 5 reviews.

I must perform two more reviews before I can submit another short story.

December 3, 2009:  I submitted a short story called Blackout for reading and critiques.  The fate of an alcoholic is disclosed as Gregory Booker experiences a blackout that he will never remember.

October 20, 2009:  I've been a member of Zoetrope Virtual Studio website for the past two years.  I've critiqued many flash fiction and short stories on site and have contributed my share of flash fiction stories to be critiqued.  The first short story I've submitted to the site is called Changing My Ways.  After many, many years of losing money at the Island on the slot machines, a determination to changing ways results in a suspenseful weekend.
I received 7 reviews that I'm to use in strengthening the weaknesses of the story.  There were a total of 16 reads in the 40-day cycle on the read and site page.